Slow Start to Spring

The sap is running now. There are ruts in the driveway filled with water and mud, created by hard-pack sugar snow. The ski trails beside us are still in great condition and the path through our maple trees is only walkable in the cold early morning otherwise you sink up to your knees-or worse your thighs! Even a winter lover like me knows (or desperately thinks) spring should be arriving full force by now. Green is still such a distant longing.

There are so many tasks to do, like move to the new farm, dig an oven foundation, fix up the farm house, build the new bread oven. Oh the impatience of spring time, my anticipation is growing now everyday.

I’m always happy to see good news about whole wheat consumption! Also learned from this short article that there is no evidence proving that wheat has opioid (addictive) properties…something even I believed until now. Another reason to not believe everything you read-even in a book like Wheat Belly written by an acclaimed doctor.

The Stone Grain Mill we’ve been waiting for! It arrived in Montreal from Austria last week. It’s all set up except for the motors that we still need to buy. This mill has a sifter attached to it with five different options for fineness. The stones are made of Naxos, which is a special volcanic stone that self-dresses (or sharpens). The whole mill is made of wood and is beautifully hand-crafted! The mill is going to be an amazing step in grinding most of my own flour to bake bread with. Can’t wait to use it!

Winter living!

First Photo-We are not off grid, but using a small propane tank hooked up to an oven and cooktop. We have to bring in our water from a farm house close by so we heat our water on the woodstove to save propane. Also cooking, is some delicious chicken stock with the bones of our pastured chickens from this summer. Even with the -20C weather we had all December we can get our place roasting! 25-30++ degrees C sometimes if we aren’t careful!

Second Photo- Early season snow sliding off a cabin roof.

Third Photo- Pat belaying our friend ice climbing.

Fourth Photo- Yoho hanging out at the bottom of the ice.

Fifth Photo- Our friend Jenny climbing!

And some more photos :)

More Photos!

Lots of random photos of this summer-I was too busy to post much before now!

The last phases of construction. Last week I took the sand form out from under the first layer of cob. It took forever! I had to tape a trowel to the end of a stick to reach the very back of the oven. The second layer went on very quickly-clay, water and sawdust for insulation. Today I lit my first small fire to start drying the oven out. I can’t wait to bake in it!