Our “pet” barn swallow-they raised their young in our kitchen-to-be and today they are most definitely getting ready to fly out! 

We got out on the Bonnechere River the other day for a canoe from the Fourth Chute to Douglas. It is a gorgeous length of river, too shallow for motor boats and just a few cottages here and there so nice and quiet and peaceful!

Discing our garlic field with the old toyota truck and a discer found at the farm. We got a new pup on Saturday-here she is along with our older one. 

I do all the bread baking, mixing, dividing and shaping in the bakery, but my beau Pat cooks the pitas for me! Quick and delicious they are amazing baked in the wood-fired oven. Plus some pretty flowers just because.

Summer Bakery & Farm Update

Summer Bakery & Farm Update

The days are at their longest and we have been using the light up in the past few weeks. Today after finding my battery charger for the camera (yay!) I had time to go for a walk and take some photos that are much better than the cell phone photos I’ve been taking.


Here is a view of the oven with the timber frame structure overtop of it. The structure will eventually be double that size to make…

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Spring on the farm.

Oven Building Part 2!

Oven Building Part 2!

MORE oven photos!


This is where the cob mixing starts-this year we used a cement mixer. We had so much mixing to do a tarp and bare feet just seemed like too much work! We mixed about 3 parts sand to 1 part clay.


Here is the bottom cob heat mass layer being built up, about 5-6 inches on top of the beer bottle layer.


This is where the ash slot is so that when the fire gets cleaned out of the…

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OVEN BUILDING for Heather’s Hearth, my on farm bakery!

Oven Building Part 1!

Oven Building Part 1!


These are photos leading up to building our new cob oven that will bake all the bread for Heather’s Hearth! First step was a foundation-dug by a backhoe this year instead of by hand. The ground was too wet and the foundation too big, about 10x10x3 ft!


Next we had to fill the foundation. This was the most taxing part of the process. We were taking apart a cement deck at the same time, so…

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